The NEW Move List Cheat Collection

This forum is for making announcements about updated cheat files (for any emulator), updated web pages and of course about improvements to the MAME/MESS cheat engine.
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The NEW Move List Cheat Collection

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This is the topic for announcements and comments on the New Move List Cheat Collection.

Move List Cheats are cheats that allow you to eliminate (or at least abbreviate) the motions for special moves found in fighting games. As such, special moves can be simply executed with the press of a button.

All MLC files have the following convention: MLCs that work for all characters (ie. Universal MLCs) will be listed first, followed by MLCs for each character, in the order they are listed within the game. Within each section, the moves are listed command moves first, then special moves, and then super combos, in the order they appear in memory. The MLCs of all players are grouped together, following the inclusion convention of MLCs in Pugsy's official cheat file.

Within each MLC, the directions for performing the move (without the cheat) is listed in the cheat comment. Some cheats may have alternate executions (ie. something other than simply pressing the button) and other comments, which are parenthesized immediately following the regular directions.

If an MLC is given as a one-shot cheat, then activating the cheat will perform the move.

All common annotations such as "(SC)" for super combo are listed at the top of the compiled file.

GNU m4 is required to compile the New Move List Cheat Collection. To get your cheat file, download the specified file for the indicated game, and enter this at your command prompt:

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[kelvSYC:~] kelvSYC % m4 -Dgamename=game game_mlc.m4 > game.dat
where game denotes the game you want the MLCs for.

The list of MLC files, and the games they support, are as follows: All games featured in the original MLC collection will eventually be updated to conform to the New Collection's standards. It remains available at
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