Typhoon 2001 (Tempest Windows Game)

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Typhoon 2001 (Tempest Windows Game)

Post by zeusdaz »

Forgive me for asking this as It's a free windows download game of the classic Tempest game (not an arcade emulation game) but I have no other route to take and someone on here may have the magic.

The game is Typhoon 2001, It's an excellent Tempest clone, even with level skip I just cannot get passed the final level (100), can someone work their magic and create a full invincible to all enemies please.

I'm guessing it will be some kind of file I just need to add into the game folder or something?!
Please help, all the best to you all.

P.s, feel free to delete this if not allowed here or point me in a better forum direction where someone can help.
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Re: Typhoon 2001 (Tempest Windows Game)

Post by Pugsy »

Sure I'll take a look and let you know my findings.....

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