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This forum is for making announcements about updated cheat files (for any emulator), updated web pages and of course about improvements to the MAME/MESS cheat engine.
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Would you join a MAME Cheats Discord?

Poll ended at Sun Sep 03, 2023 10:08 pm

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Discord Server Poll

Post by Pugsy »

I'm expecting my current forum web host to raise their prices by over 300%.

I can't really justify the cost for the number of active forum users, and fighting the forum spammers is an everlasting job.

I'm not angling for donations, MAME is free and so the cheats will be.

I've got around 6 months before I've got to make a decision what to do, I know a lot of people consider forums yesterdays news....but I still kinda like them.

I've been on Discord for about 6 years on various servers.....so maybe it's time to create a mame cheats discord with discord forums and discussion channels?

Servicing your cheating needs since 1985 8)

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MAME 0.259 XML cheat collection (6 OCTOBER 2023) from http://www.mamecheat.co.uk or direct from:-
https://mega.nz/file/q4dHGZ6K#i-EUiqIjH ... KMz7hnbTfw (ZIP Archive 3.76MB)
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